Exhibitor Information

Cost of participation (valid until 30 June, 2021)

Booth & Raw Space Rental

Indoor Raw Space: (minimum booking 24sqm)
US$ 480.00 per sqm (RMB3,650.00 per sqm)

Standard Construction (for indoor)
US$100.00 per sqm (RMB760.00 per sqm)
(Including wall panel on 3 sides, bilingual fascia board, 4 long arm spotlights, 1 electrical outlet, 2 folding chairs, 1 information desk, 1 lockable cupboard, 1 round table, 4 black color arm chairs, carpeted floor and 1 waste paper basket for booking of each 12sqm)


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More Sponsorship Opportunities are available for the China Coal & Mining Expo 2021, please contact the organizer via info@together-expo.com for more information. (Exclusive for exhibitors only).
 There are over 650 exhibitors registered at the event  with an exhibiting area over 100,000sqm. Confirmed exhibitors include the following companies: 

·        3onedata Co., Ltd. 

·        ABB 

·        Acunity (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. 

·        Advantec Hydraulic GmbH 

·        Aerospace Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. 

·        Aichi Technology 

·        AIGI Environmental Inc 

·        Alpha Mining 

·        Altra Industrial Motion 

·        Andritz 

·        Anerlun Machinery 

·        Angang Machinery Industry 

·        Anhui Aode Mining Machinery Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

·        Anhui Machinery 

·        Anhui Qifeng Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. 

·        Anhui Zhongke Optic-Electronic Color Sorter Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Anke High Tech (Henan) Research Institute Co., Ltd. 

·        Anyang Kaidi 

·        Asian Star Anchor Chain Co., Ltd Jiangsu 

·        AURY 

·        Baiyin Grouting 

·        Baodan Machinery 

·        BASF Hoko Mining Chemical (China) Co. Ltd. 

·        Becot 

·        Beijing Baska Technology Co., Ltd. 


·        Beijing Chang Shun An Da M & C Technology Co., Ltd.

·        Beijing Changcheng Aeronautical M & C Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Daosike Mining Equipment Technology Co. Ltd.(Dosco) 

·        Beijing Golden Stone Coal Mining Equipment 

·        Beijing Great Wall Yong Ji Security Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Guoli Kuang'an Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Haford System 

·        Beijing Hekang Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Huahai Machinery Co. Ltd. 

·        Beijing Hui Hua Technology Development Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Huiyuejingxin Mine Support Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Huizhi HengAn Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Ipowerunited Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Jiang Jie Feng Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Jin Xuanye Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Junfa 

·        Beijing Longruan Technologies Inc 

·        Beijing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Qiaolishen Hydraulic Equipment Factory 

·        Beijing RUNPOWER Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Shuangtai Pneumatic Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Skypower Electric Technology Co., Ltd 

·        Beijing Tebeifu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Topsky Century Holding Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Tuoshengruntong Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Yilian Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Zhongkuang Neng'an Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Beijing Zhono Sealing Technology 

·        Betek 

·        Birtley 

·        BMM Shanghai Co., Ltd. 

·        Bolev HYDRAULIC 

·        BOSHEN Technology 

·        Boton 

·        Bräutigam Maschinen und Anlagen Verwaltungs GmbH 

·        Bridon-Bekaert The Ropes Group 

·        Bxmach 

·        Cangzhou Huazhong Pipeline 

·        CEMCN Co., Ltd. 

·        CFT GmbH 

·        Changchun Northeast Transportation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Changsha Zhengzhong Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. 

·        Changshu Tongfang Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. 

·        Changzhou Aerxin Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Changzhou Aipu Super High Pressure Hydraulic Pressure System Co., Ltd. 

·        Changzhou Development & Manufacture Center Co., Ltd. 

·        Changzhou Huanuo 

·        Changzhou Huayi 

·        Changzhou Lianli Automation Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Changzhou Tianqi 

·        Changzhou Zuoan 

·        Changzhoui Aexppu Technology Co., Ltd.

·        China Coal (Beijing) Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. 

·        China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Corp 

·        China Energy Shendong Coal group Co., Ltd. 

·        China Mining Drives & Automation Co., Ltd. 

·        China National Coal Development Co., Ltd. 

·        China National Coal Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corporation Limited Co., Ltd. 

·        China Railway Engineering Equipment 

·        China Tianxin IIOT Corporation Limited 

·        China United Network Communications 

·        China Smart Mine Collaborative Innovation Alliance 

·        Chongqing MAS SCI.& TECH.Co., Ltd. 

·        Chongqing Pingshan mining machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        CITIC HIC Kaicheng Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Cixi Zhuoxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        CJC 

·        Coal Science Research Institute Keming Mechanical and Electrical     Equipment 

·        Concy United International Ltd. 

·        Dal Ajkeduoyel Chuandongj Shuyoux Angongs 

·        Dalian Huatian Precision Instrumenter Co., Ltd. 

·        Dandong Dongfang Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Datong Zhongke Weishi Mining Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Dekema 

·        DEMAG  Heavy Industry 

·        Dezhou Jiayong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Dezhou Yilun Conveying Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Dianguang Explosion-proof 

·        Dingguifu 

·        Dingmo 

·        Dongguan Toptech Rubber Products Limited 

·        DRD Automation GmbH 

·        EEP Elektro-Elektronik Pranjic GmbH 

·        Ellem Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 

·        Ernst & Young Technology 

·        Exmile Special Type Co., Ltd. 

·        ExxonMobil 

·        Famous Industrial Groug GmbH 

·        Famur 

·        Fangyuan Plastic & Rubber 

·        Fasing 

·        Fenxihuayi 

·        Fenyi Hongda Mine Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Ferrit 

·        Filter 

·        Flender 

·        Flexco 

·        Flsmidth Abon 

·        FUCHS 

·        Fuhua Yuqi 

·        Fujian Quanzhou Shenhua Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Fusheng machinery. 

·        Fushun New Materials 

·        GDRT 

·        Gelin Lubrication Technology 

·        Gelin Machinery 

·        Germany-Federal ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy 

·        GLE Express Hoisting 

·        Greattao 

·        GTA GmbH 

·        Guang Yang Jing Yi 

·        Guangkai Machinery 

·        Guangzhou Dusterloh Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Gucheng Xiongfeng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Guiyang Gaoyuan Mineral Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Haiju Technology 

·        Haining Qianjiang Survey Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Hallite (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 

·        Handan Sida Technology 

·        Hangzhou Firstack Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Hangzhou Shengyihao 

·        Hanhai Zhongjia 

·        Haoborui New Material 

·        Hartlock 

·        Hasion Electric Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Hauhinco Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG 

·        HEADWAY 

·        Hebei Bangtian Industrial 

·        Hebei Chengyue Mining Machinery 

·        Hebei Hanneng Mine Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. 

·        Hebei Huajin Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Hebei Jiuhe Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Hebei Mutian Hoisting Equipment 

·        Hebei NewSdar Electric Motor Co., Ltd. 

·        Hebei Ruizhi Chencheng Hydraulic Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Hebei Shengye Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Hebei Tianze 

·        Hebei Tongming 

·        Hebei Tongye Metallurgy 

·        Hebei Wannai Seal Co., Ltd. 

·        Hebei Xiaojin Machinery Manufacture Inc 

·        Hebei Yike 

·        Hebei Zhaoyue Pu Products Co., LTD. 

·        Hefei Hengda Jianghai Pump Co., Ltd. 

·        Hefei Jucheng Steel Wire Rope Testing Service Co., Ltd. 

·        Henan Ancheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Henan DBT Electromechanical Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. 

·        Henan Hengguanzhuo Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Henan Igood Wear-resisting Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Henan jinhaoyuan Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Henan Kuangda Coal Machine 

·        Henan Pinyue Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.  

·        Henan Qianwang Drill Co., Ltd. 

·        Henan Tiefulai Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. 

·        Henan Yaxing Precision Forging Co., Ltd. 

·        Henan Zhongxiang Material Trade Co., Ltd. 

·        Hengpu (Ningbo) Laser Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Hengshui Yinli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. 

·        Hengyu Group 

·        Herman (Nanjing) Technical & Engineering Ltd. 

·        Heyang Pneumatic Tools 

·        Hiconics Eco-energy Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Hiside Heavy Industry 

·        Hock Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Hollister Intelligent 

·        Hosch Fördertechnik Recklinghausen GmbH 

·        Howden Hua Engineering Co., Ltd. 

·        Huachen Electronics 

·        Huade Wanli 

·        Huaibei Hezhong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Huaibei Xiangtai Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Huainan Songjiang Electronics Co., Ltd. 

·        Huainan Wantai Electric Co., Ltd. 

·        Huanghe Cyclone 

·        Huatai Hydraulic 

·        Huayang Communication 

·        Hubei Huang Shi De New Material Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        HuBei ShaOu Communication Co., Ltd. 

·        Hunan Chao Yi Information Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Hunan Chuangan Flameproof Electric Applicances Co., Ltd. 

·        Husen Environmental 

·        Ileyon Fluid 

·        IPI 

·        IPU GROUP 

·        I-tage Technology 

·        J.D. Theile GmbH & Co. KG 

·        Jako Limited 

·        Jereh Tractor 

·        Jiahao Bearing Co., Ltd. 

·        Jiahao Mining Machinery 

·        Jiamei Machinery 

·        Ji'an Mining Technology 

·        Jiang Su Shine Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Jiangsu Dibo Mining Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  

·        Jiangsu Frey Battery Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Jiangsu Jiaxuan Intelligent Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Jiangsu Kaitu Hydraulic Transmission Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Jiangsu Light Chaser Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Jiangsu Oscen Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Jiangsu Sende 

·        Jiangsu Tuohai Coal Mine Drilling Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Jiangsu Xieli 

·        Jiangsu Yali Explosion-proof Motor Co., Ltd. 

·        Jiangsu Zhonggui Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. 

·        Jiangsu Zhongji 

·        Jiangxi Siton Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Jiangyin Changli 

·        Jiangyin Honguan Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Jiangyin Huafang New Energy Hi-tech Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Jiaozuo Beit Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Jiaozuo Debon Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Jiaozuo Huafei Electronic & Electric Co., Ltd. 

·        Jiarun Electric Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Jikai (Hebei) Mechatronics Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Jinan Fengqiang Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. 

·        Jinan Jiahong Science &Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Jinan Xinqiao 

·        Jinan Xinyu Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. 

·        Jing Xian Ali Robber  And Plastic Co., Ltd. 

·        Jingjin Environmental Protection 

·        Jingming Machinery Technology 

·        Jingrui Mining Equipment Manufacturing 

·        Jingying Shuzhi Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Jinhai Machinery Parts of Engineering & Mining 

·        Jining Antai MINING Equipment 

·        Jining Haizhi Elecitro Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Jining Haizhi Elecitro Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Jining Huarui 

·        Jinkexing Ectromechianical 

·        Jinzhou Lite Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Jiubian 

·        Junsheng Hydraulic 

·        KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG 

·        Kanghua Electromechanical Technology 

·        Kanghua Electromechanical Technology 

·        Kangtai Coupling 

·        Kennametal (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd. 

·        Keying Faxiankuai 

·        Komatsu Mining Corparation Co., Ltd. 

·        Krummenauer Anlagenbau GmbH 

·        KTL 

·        KTR Power Transmission Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 

·        Kuangtai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Kugel- und Rollenlagerwerk Leipzig GmbH 

·        Laijie Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd. 

·        Laizhou Yatong Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Landsky Technology 

·        Langfang Jinglong Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Langfang Jingsha Easy Filter Co., Ltd. 

·        Langfang Mandebao Fil Tering Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Langhe 

·        Lanxess 

·        Lanxi Jiujia Automatic Control Valve Factory 

·        Laos Lighting 

·        LATEC Advanced Manufacturing Ltd. 

·        Leemin Hydraulic Co., Ltd. 

·        Leon Intelligence&Information(Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Liangshan Yunsen 

·        Liangshan Yunsen Engineering Material Co., Ltd. 

·        Lianyungang Tianming Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Liaoning Censcience Industry Co., Ltd. 

·        Liaoning Weiyue Group Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. 

·        Liaoning Xinfeng Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. 

·        Liaoning Xinyi Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Liaoning Zhonghe 

·        Liebherr-International Deutschland GmbH 

·        Linfen Brilliant Coal Machinery Limited company 

·        Linqing Taiyu Drill Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Lintrowe 

·        Linzhou Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. 

·        Liren Hearing 


·        Liwo Transmission 

·        Lixin Dehua 

·        Longcheng Mining Technology 

·        Lu Kai Zhi Xing Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Lu'an Haitong Industry 

·        Luo Yang Wire Rope Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Luoyang Hongxin Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Luoyang Ruita Rubber Co., Ltd. 

·        marco Systemanalyse und Entwicklung GmbH 

·        MATO GmbH & Co. KG 

·        MATO Industrial Technologies 

·        Megastar NDT Co., Ltd. 

·        Meiteng Technology 

·        Menergy Industrial Technical Co., Ltd. 

·        Minecore(Tianjin) Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Mingliang Industry and Mining 

·        Mining Media 

·        mts-Perforator GmbH 

·        Multotec Screening Systems (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. 

·        Nanjing Bestway Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Nanjing Gaohua 

·        Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear Group Co., Ltd. 

·        Nanjing Hongyi Electrical Appliance Automation Co., Ltd. 

·        Nanjing Luhe Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Nanjing Shicheng Mine and Lane Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Neuhaus Maschinenbau GmbH 

·        Newland (Tianjin) Welding Material Co., Ltd. 

·        Ningbo Hoyea Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. 

·        Ningbo Jingken Hydraulic 

·        Ningbo Leisu Laser Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Ningbo Longwall Fluid Power Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Ningbo Mai Ke Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Ningbo Trunsun Instrument 

·        Ningbo Zhengi Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Ningxia GTX Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Ningxia Northwest Junma Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Northern Heavy Industries 

·        Novenco Ventilator (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 

·        OHE Maschinenbau GmbH 

·        One First Technology 

·        Openlot 

·        Ostroj a.s. 

·        Permco 

·        Pfeifer Drako Drahtseilwerk GmbH 

·        Ping An Explosion-proof Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.of Wanrong County,Shanxi Province 

·        Poclain Hydraulics 

·        protecfire GmbH 

·        Protectowire 

·        Qian Hong Machinery 


·        Qianshun Permanent Magnet (Tianjin) Technology Development Co., Ltd. 

·        Qianye Technology 

·        Qidong New Material Products 

·        Qimingxing 

·        Qingdao CCS Electric Corporation 

·        Qingdao Dabang Drilling Co., Ltd. 

·        Qingdao Haina Plasma Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Qingdao Qingda Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Qingdao Qingflex Hose Factory Co., Ltd. 

·        Qingdao Taihuasheng Electormechanical Technolngy Development Co., Ltd. 

·        Qingdao Xinyutian Chemical Co., Ltd. 

·        Qingdao Yidong Golliery Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Qiqihar Qilida Electronics Co., Ltd. 

·        Quaker Chemical 

·        Red Anchor 

·        Rema Tip Top 

·        Rexnord 

·        Ringspann 

·        RMI 

·        Rongxin Explosion Proof Electric Appliance 

·        Rongzhi Rixin 

·        Rosit GmbH 

·        RUD Ketten 

·        Ruian Mingfeng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Ruifei Water 

·        Ruiwei Machinery 

·        Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology 

·        Sanjing Technology 

·        Sany Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Schaeffler TRADING (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 

·        Schäfer Pumpen und Hydraulik GmbH 

·        Scharf Mining Machinery (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 

·        Schmitz One Seven GmbH 

·        SCOMIN 

·        Sealtech Company 

·        Self-hardening Company 

·        Sengle Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 

·        SEW-Eurodrive(Tianjin) Co., Ltd. 

·        Shaanxi ASTTAR Explosion-Proof Safety Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shaanxi Fengruikesi Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Shaanxi Guang Tai Mine Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Shaanxi Jingshengda Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Shaanxi Kelong New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shaanxi Rubber Six Belt Co., Ltd. 

·        Shaanxi Run-Top Transmission Technolgy Corporation Co., Ltd. 

·        Shaanxi Yangxin Coal Mine Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Shan Xi Ji An Electric Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong AID Industrial Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Atom Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Bangmai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.  

·        Shandong Bocheng Electric Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Boxuan 

·        Shandong Centroid Electromechanical Technology Ltd. 

·        Shandong DERUI MINING Machinery 

·        Shandong Dongda Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Energy  Group Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Energy Heavy Equipment Group 

·        Shandong Famous Shield Explosion-Proof Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Huaruida 

·        Shandong Huate Magnet Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Huayuan Rigging Co., Ltd.

·        Shandong Jingzuan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Jintianniu Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Jiushang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Kangge Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Keda M&E Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Lu Ban Machinery & Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Luke Cable 

·        Shandong Mining Machinery Group Ltd. 

·        Shandong Pasensi Chain Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Ruimaikai Electromechanical Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong RZ Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Succeed Mining Safety Engineering Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Techgong Geotechnical Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd 

·        Shandong Tianhe Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong VICTEUR Hydraulic Control Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Xin Kaite Bearing Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Yanzhou Coal Mining Heibao Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Yutai Dongyuan Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Shandong Zhaoheng 

·        Shanghai ATB Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai Bett Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai Chuangli Group Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai Doshine Automation Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai Dunke Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai Genite Control Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai Goro Conveyor System Components Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai GuanBai Automation Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai Hai Hui Trading Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai Huaxin Minfu Automatic Control Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai Jiayue Automation Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai Jingji Industrial Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai Kemei Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai Lanhao Electric Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai Lianli Explosion-proof Technology Co., Ltd.

·        Shanghai MP Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

·        Shanghai Qunan Electronics Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai Sany Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai Shangli Special Cable Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai SH-Driver Electric Limited Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai Techcap Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanghai Vulcan 

·        Shanghai Zhengsong 

·        Shannxi Tyon Intelligent Remanufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Baohai Management Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Changzhi Becker Electronic Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi De Lizhong Bang rubber products Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Dedicated Measurement Control Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Hao Steel Forging Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Haoyu Longsheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Hengjintai Building Materials Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Hong An Xiang 

·        Shan'xi Hong Baiqin Science & Tech. Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Huao Industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Huaxin Electric Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Huaye Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Jin Kaifeng Precision Mechanism Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Jinyitai Coal Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  

·        Shanxi Julong Fan & Blowers Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Kewei Induction Tech Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Lezhao Power Transmission Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Lipulituo Coal Machine Parts Manufacturing Ltd. 

·        Shanxi New sun Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Sunlight-SanJi Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Taibao Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Tianju Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Vinda 

·        Shanxi VLYGO Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Xinlong Sheng Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Xintongda Coal Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Xinwei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Xinwei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Shanxi Youshite 

·        Shanxi Zhongkun Group Co., Ltd. 

·        Shaw Almex 

·        Shenyang Dinghui Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Shenyang Guangjiao 

·        Shenyang Hanwei 

·        Shenyang Jintong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Shenyang North Traffic Heavy Industry Group 

·        Shenyang Tian An Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shenyang Yucheng Co., Ltd. 

·        Shenyang Zhongyang Fluid Automation 

·        Shenzhen Anbel Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shenzhen Cumark New Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shenzhen Dawo 

·        Shenzhen Sensor Electric Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Shijiazhuang Keyu Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Shijiazhuang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Shijiazhuang Wanda Hydraulic Electromechanical Co., Ltd. 

·        Shijiazhuang Yidelong Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Shijiazhuang Zhonglian Power Transmission Parts Co., Ltd. 

·        Shunhua ElectricKunshanCo., Ltd. 

·        Sichuan Aerospace Electro-hydraulic Control Corporation Co., Ltd. 

·        SIEMAG Tecberg 

·        Simica 

·        Smart Drive 

·        SSAB 

·        Stuaa Automation (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. 

·        Sunbirdic 

·        Suzhou Yunrui Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        T.SPEC 

·        Taian Ruili Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Taian Sanheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Taian Zhongcheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Taiyuan Huite Science & Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Taiyuan Mine Mechanical And Electrical 

·        Taiyuan Zhongyu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Tangshan Caide Electrical 

·        Tangshan Dongrun Automation Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Tangshan Easycarry Technology Ltd. 

·        Tangshan Huatong Mining Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. 

·        Tangshan Shenzhou Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Tangshan Tianhe Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Tangshan Xingde Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Tangshan Zhicheng Electric(Group)Co., Ltd. 

·        Tech 

·        Techi Chain Link Manufacturing 

·        Tecnidea Cidue (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. 

·        Teguang Illumination Co., Ltd. 

·        Terrasource 

·        Tesuan Electromechanical Technology 

·        thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions China Co. Ltd. 

·        Tianjin Huaning Electronics Co., Ltd. 

·        Tianjin Jingyang Machinery Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Tianjin Jinlong Welding Material Co., Ltd. 

·        Tianjin Pengcheng Yutai Hydraulic Support Co., Ltd. 

·        Tianjin Xianglu Rubber Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd. 

·        Tianjin Zhengda YongTai Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Tianjin Zhiye Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

·        Tianjin Zhongtan Microcience and Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Tianyi Technology 

·        Tiefenbach Control Systems GmbH 

·        Timken Company 

·        TL Electric 

·        Topcrusher Co., Ltd. 

·        Topura Precision Fastener (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. 

·        Tradelink Publications/Coal International 

·        Triumph Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. 

·        Tyga Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        TyreX 

·        Ustep Information Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        UTEC 

·        Valve Mechanical Group Co., Ltd. 

·        VJ Technologies 

·        Voith 

·        Voneseals Technology(Shanghai)Co., Ltd. 

·        W. Gessmann GmbH 

·        Wanhuaenergysav 

·        Wanke Hydraulic 

·        Weida Machinery 

·        Weifang Jude Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Weihai Taite Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Weihai Zhongyi Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Weiketai Technology 

·        Weishan Longgong 

·        Weishi Dark Blue 

·        Weixinte Gongmao You Xian Gong Si 

·        Weiyi (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd.  

·        Wenzhou bao tong machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Wenzhou Fully-mechanized Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        WireCo World Group 

·        Wisco WireCo 


·        Wuhan Changshengmeian Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Wuhan Qihuan Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. 

·        Wuxi Chuangli Mining Equipent 

·        Wuxi Chuxin 

·        Wuxi Coal Mining Machinery 

·        Wuxi Coaltech Electric Co., Ltd. 

·        Wuxi Hongye 

·        Wuxi Junco Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Wuxi Weishun Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Wuxi Yuneng (Coal) Machinery Company 

·        XCMG Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Xi'an Beixing 

·        Xi'an Besame Laser Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Xi'an Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. 

·        Xi'an Hezhiyu 

·        Xi'an Junshengde 

·        Xi'an Lihang 

·        Xi'an Poly Chai Hydraulic Transmission Co., Ltd. 

·        Xi'an Zkzm Laser Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Xiangtan Hengxin Industrial Co., Ltd. 

·        Xianxian Aoyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Xianyang Chaoyue Clutch Co., Ltd. 

·        Xiaoben Technology 

·        Xiaolong Electronics 

·        Xingtai Chisen Machinery Parts Manufacturing Factory 

·        Xingtai Yingtai Machinery Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

·        Xinhongji 

·        Xinneng Yate Technology Development Co., Ltd. 

·        Xintai Hengtong Rubber Products Co., Ltd. 

·        Xintai Xianjin Mining Equipment Factory 

·        Xinxiang Deshengwei Filter Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Xinxiang Kunyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. 

·        Xinxiang Shengda Filtration Technique Co., Ltd. 

·        Xinxiang Tiancheng Aviation Purification Equipment 

·        Xinxiang Wanhe Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Xinyue Machinery 

·        Xuzhou City Weibide Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Xuzhou Enshuo Software Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Xuzhou HH Cutting Co., Ltd. 

·        Xuzhou Ruiouda 

·        Xuzhou Tianke Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. 

·        Xuzhou Weishize Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Xuzhou Zhaoheng Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Xuzhou Zhongkuang Hengyang Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Xylem 

·        Yancheng Dejia Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Yancheng Outev Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Yankuang Donghua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. 

·        Yantai RFX Oil Seal Co., Ltd. 

·        Yikuang Technology 

·        Yingkou Yulong Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Yingneng Technology 

·        Yiyun Technology 

·        Yongan Xintong 

·        Yueqing Sanle 

·        Yulin Bochuang 

·        Yunsheng Technology 

·        Yuyao Yaorun Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. 

·        Zhejiang Botuolini Machinery CO., Ltd. 

·        Zhejiang CBR Electric Co., Ltd. 

·        Zhejiang Jie Ke Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Zhejiang Jingming Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Zhejiang Xingqi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Zhejiang Xinlong Machinery 

·        Zhejiang Zhanpeng Hydraulic Technlogy Co., Ltd. 

·        Zhengan Explosion-proof Electric 

·        Zhengshile Hydraulic 

·        Zhengzhou Adhesive New Material 

·        Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. 

·        Zhengzhou GL Tech Co., Ltd. 

·        Zhengzhou Hengyu 

·        Zhengzhou Hongxin Rubber Products Co., Ltd. 

·        Zhengzhou Xingpeng 

·        Zhenyou Technology 

·        Zhongdian Tofung 

·        Zhongke Raycham Laser 

·        Zhongke Zhitai 

·        Zhuji Hiest Motor Co., Ltd. 

·        Zhuo'an Electronic 

·        Zhuohai Intelligent Technology 

·        Zhuzhou Xinda Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Zibo Xianglong Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. 

·        Zikai Mining Machinery Manufacturing 

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