About the Show

China's No. 1 Event
Founded in the 80’s, China Coal & Mining Expo (CCME) has become the Nation’s premier trade event, and has claimed a spot in the worldwide stage for its sector, held biennially to show case the latest technology, is recognized as China’s most important global window for the coal & mining sector. CCME has witnessed China’s rise as a technology giant and facilitated the transformation of China’ coal and mining industries over four decades.


Keeping Abreast of the Times
Over 20 countries and regions of manufacturer, research institutes and coal production enterprises participate the exhibition, debut their newer models and technology, displaying equipment from both underground to open-air mining. It Is also the Nation’s choice venue for coal & mining machinery manufacturers to seek opportunities, to explore new markets, to build brands, to identify new trends and to enhance peer dialogue.

Must - Participate Event
CCME enjoyed great publicity, nationwide and worldwide, putting exhibitors in the spotlight. The media followed CCME closely for industry and product updates, featuring the exhibition, a series of technical seminars, as well as the Forum on Development Status and Prospect of Coal Mining Machinery Equipment. CCME is recognized as the window of the industry’s future where innovation meets with demand, an event not to be missed.

We Care
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